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ER Model: First DiagramPad Module

DiagramPad it was created with the intention of being a suite integrating most popular Software Engineering Models and Diagram. Today in the market, there is a few real ER-model software. In some cases, the developer use generic diagram tools, like DIA, that make the creation of ER-Models a little difficult. The ER-Model was invented with the propose of keeping simple or none design (napkin approach). With DiagramPad is easier to create, save, export and manage ER-Models.

DiagramPad is FREE

The cost of creating this kind of software is very expensive. There are many strategies used by the companies in order to get monetary reward such as trial version, limited access, licenses, ads… I decided to release the DiagramPad to everyone for FREE. The application doesn’t have any advertisement or other kind of annoying message.
To those who has the willing of support this ongoing project, you can do it by: Donations, Share, Tweet, Follow Us on your Social Network, especially in universities and IT companies, tell us about your experience, etc. The most higher donations will be include in the credits / contributors section.
Why is it free? When you paid for a product you receive only the product. But if you donate you don’t only receive the product but a blessing within. As Christian I believe on it, I hope you too.